3 Tips for How to Set Up Tenant Portal Software in Modesto, CA

3 Tips for How to Set Up Tenant Portal Software in Modesto, CA

New landlords quickly realize that owning a rental property, especially a portfolio, comes with heaps of responsibilities. Almost every responsibility needs a management system, from maintenance to accounting.

The same also applies to tenant management.

Like other management roles, this duty entails:

  • screening
  • placement
  • rent collection
  • maintenance requests

Even eviction is necessary if circumstances arise.

Multiply these responsibilities by more than one tenant. You can visualize the work mounting up. Luckily, a property manager can handle this workload for you, starting with a tenant portal.

Learn how property managers set up portals and use them effectively to improve tenant management.

It Starts With An Application

The full tenant experience starts with an application.

The best applications can get lost in the paper shuffle. Therefore, PMI Central Valley lets prospective tenants apply online. Property managers use a software called Rentvine; this is the same platform they use to set up the resident portal.

Applicants click on the property they want to rent and are taken to an application page. There, they're greeted with a rental application policy which also informs them about the application fee. This policy outlines eligibility requirements for applicants.

After reading the policies, applicants click "continue," filling in each step. Applicants can't continue to the next page without completing the previous page. This UX feature is also called gamification because it ushers users through a process.

Using the Tenant Portal

Property managers thoroughly screen prospective tenants before initiating the leasing stage. Once all contracts are signed, new tenants can access a move-in checklist to ensure their move goes smoothly.

Selected residents applied through the Rentvine app and should be happy to know that Rentvine also powers the tenant portal.

Here, they can pay rent quickly and easily online without having to write a check. Thus, renters can pay with credit or debit if they wish. The portal accepts multiple forms of payment for tenants' convenience.

Property managers can show tenants how to use the portal or include instructions in the welcoming packet. Tenants sign up with their primary email address and a secure password.

The portal actually consists of two parts. You have the tenant login and the maintenance request portal. The main login is where tenants pay rent.

All property maintenance requests, including upgrades, are fielded through the request portal. This portal is powered by a property management software called Property Ware. Requests go directly to the company handling repairs and requests.

The property manager is also responsible for communicating with the chosen maintenance company.

How to Set Up Your Tenant Access Software

The best way to gain access to platforms like Rentvine and Property Ware is to work with a property management company. These tools are already built-in for your (and your tenants') convenience.

For example, if you decide to work with PMI Central Valley, all portals are included on the website. You don't have to code anything or build your own site.

Learn More About Portal Software

Don't let a mountain of paperwork slow you down. Rely on the best tenant portal software to streamline applications, rent, maintenance, and more.

You don't even have to do the work of installing the software.

Leveraging the latest property management technology is just one benefit of working with PMI Central Valley. We work hard to increase property values while offering excellent customer service.

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